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Are you ready to make healthy eating and GOOD living a reality? Are you ready to change your relationship with food?

Are you tired of not knowing where to start and what changes to make first? Is it all too overwhelming?

Are you sick of sinking money into the next "Get Skinny Quick" program? (and, quite frankly, you know that "skinny" doesn't feel "healthy" to you)?


You've been wanting to make a change and see the pounds drop off your body for a while now.

You've been trying to stay on the bandwagon but you're sick of counting calories and missing out.

Your current life is just not sustainable.

Throughout your day, your inner voice says things like:

And you feel totally defeated.

Another fad diet isn't going to change your body.

Another "get skinny quick" program isn't going to give you the answer to staying healthy for life.

Another day spent starving yourself or binge eating will not move you forward.

Another day feeling paralyzed over all.the.things will do nothing to improve where you are now.


I'm Stacey...

the creator of the Do Better Diet, a nutritionist and healthy living strategist, blogger for the Huffington Post, mom and laziest healthy living expert you’ll ever meet.

You and I aren’t that different.

I want to look and feel amazing with as little work as possible, that’s why I created this program.

All of the other programs were so. much. work. I mean, who wants to count calories all day or weigh each and every bite they take?!

My time is far better spent watching Netflix.

I love pizza.

And chocolate.

And Ruffles sour cream and onion chips.

And wine.

I mean, I’m only human right?

But I also love vegetables. And cooking. And almond milk.

My life is not perfect 100% and neither is my diet but of the time and that’s ok.

While I’m not perfect, I do strive to DO BETTER with my diet each and everyday.

When you begin to Do Better life becomes inherently easier.

You’ll wake up in the morning and breakfast will be ready, you’ll know exactly what and how to eat all day so that you’re never desperate enough to hit up a local drive thru, your dinners will be waiting for you at home or at the most take 30 minutes to prepare and your kids will fight over who gets to do the dishes, smiling the whole time!

That last part is a lie, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Sounds too good to be true, right?

It’s not! This is how I, and all of my clients live everyday and it’s awesome.

What does a step-by-step, progress to healthy eating look like?

Here's the Do Better Diet Breakdown:

You'll use it for: 

Learning about what a total reset entails, what you've learned so far that's keep you stalled, myth busting & habit breaking, how to re-imagine portion sizes and the 3-4 Thrive Method.

Your Action Step: 

Crowding out unhealthy foods with the addition of whole, nutrient dense foods with the knowledge and tools you gain this week. Your challenge, young Padawan, should you choose to accept it is to take stock and inventory of your own behaviours and the knowledge that you already have. If you're overwhelmed with the misinformation, this is the week we silence all the jargon and let clarity reign free.

You'll Use It For: 

Identifying all the foods in your life you thought were "staples" but that are actually processed, "lower" forms of healthier alternatives that you can start to incorporate. You'll understand how your body reacts when you're eliminating these "staples" and how, sometimes, you've gotta take one for the team to come out on top.

Your Action Step:

Now that your pantry, freezer & refrigerator are free, you have literally no where (or nothing) to run to. That pack of guilty, emergency crisps? I see 'em! Stay the path because as we purge, this is the week that the real progress of the Do Better Diet starts to occur. You'll see tangible and measurable shifts in the way your body reacts to the overhaul and your energy levels will dip as you wean yourself off your dependencies -- and then soar.

You'll Use It For:

Understanding what foods you have right now (hey, you have to begin where you are, right?), why these are unhealthy and what foods are "higher-levels" of the food you already have, making substitution a matter of easy, breezy.

Your Action Step: 

Wage war on your refrigerator, pantry & freezer. We're going to be cleaning out these bad boys, step by step, you and I. More likely than not, all the unhealthy stuff is covering up quite a few things you'll rediscover and realize you can actually keep! Great, keep 'em, because we're going to be using them in the upcoming weeks.

You'll Use It For: 

You've gotten a handle on the mindset and the internal. You've change the frontier and horizons of your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. You know what constitutes sugars, carbs, white foods. You understand the power of simple substitution -- most likely, with things you already had at home! And for what you don't have, this week's action step will fix.

Your Action Step: 

Is all about taking what you've learned, the internal progress you've made and putting it all together for some organized change and mindful eating. This week, you get to go shopping. That's right. Shopping. You're going to reintroduce yourself (or maybe start a new relationship with!) Meal Prep Sundays (or whatever day of the week you choose) and I've laid out shopping lists and planning guides to get you well on your way. I've also got a little bonus up my sleeve just because you've been so good...;)

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Lifetime membership to all course materials, including all future rollouts and additions!

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“This won’t work for me.”

Before you just write off the program by immediately thinking that it won’t work for you, try flipping it and think about all the ways it COULD work for you.

Imagine your life with less stress and more organization. Imagine feeling great about the foods you’re feeding your family and yourself. Imagine reducing the daily stress of “what’s for dinner?” and the ease that would create.

Instead of thinking “This won’t work for me think “This is the only thing that WILL work for me!”

This will work for you even if you’ve never succeeded with your diet goals before; you think that you need a science degree in order to decipher a nutrition label.

“It sounds like too much work.”

I’m not going to lie, there is effort involved here but if I, the self-proclaimed laziest girl on the planet can do it, you most certainly can.

The beauty part about this program is I HAVE DONE ALL THE LEG WORK FOR YOU! All you have to do is implement. That’s it, that’s all. No guesswork, no figuring out, no trial and error.

I have trialed and errored the shiz outta this program. It works. I’m giving you allll my secrets. Everything I learned in school, in the restaurants I’ve worked in and in my own humble kitchen. It’s like you’re reading my nutrition diary!

“I don't have time to cook.”

“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”(—Modified from Edward Stanley)

You can’t get much more clear than that. I know you know that you should be doing better. Many of us know we’re supposed to eat more vegetables and exercise more but there is a difference between knowing and doing.

I help you with the “doing” part.

“My house is full of picky eaters.”

Well you are in luck because you can Do Better with all of your favourite foods. They just need a little bit of tweaking!

As a mom to a wonderful yet frustrating boy, I know exactly how irritating hearing “I don’t want thattttttt” can be especially if you’ve just spend forever cooking something awesome for your family.

The great part here is that a huge portion of the program focuses on substitution, which is finding new healthy alternatives to your every day favourites.

Trust me, if I can get my son eating better, then anyone can!

“I don't want to make one meal for me and one for my family.”

I don’t want you to do that either! Preparing food once is enough work, thank you very much! The best part about the Do Better Diet is that it works for everyone.

You’ll still be eating the familiar foods that you love; you’ll just be giving them a healthy boost.

For example, if your family are big fans of burgers I’ll show you how to create a healthier version of your favourite that not only tastes just as good (maybe even better) but one you can chow down on guilt free because it is full of whole and nutrient dense ingredients.

We’re talking about creating real change with this program and it has to be something you’ll stick with in order to work. That’s what I’ve done here – created an awesome program that not only works but one you’ll want to stick with.

“I don't even know where to start anymore. What am I supposed to buy?”

It can be so overwhelming, can’t it? There is so much conflicting info out there it can be hard to distinguish what is and isn’t good for you. But that’s why I’m here.

I show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, week-by-week to ensure that you are fully supported and educated about what you should be eating and why.

No rocket science, no crazy containers to carry everywhere, no calorie counting, just easy to implement action steps that create genuine results. Isn’t it about time for that?

Yes, I want to join now!

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